H & H Child Care Training

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The following trainings are accepted by MSDE and award IACET CEUs after completion:

NamePriceClock HoursCEUs
1Creating the Natural Outdoor Classroom$0$02 hrs0.2 CEUs
2Abuse and Neglect: Signs and Reporting$15$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
3Developmental Theories$15$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
4Exclusion of Children with Fevers from Child Care $12$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
5Family (or Parent) Conferencing: Developing Trust$15$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
6Healthy Habits from the Start$12$103 hrs0.3 CEUs
7Healthy Habits from the Start: Preventing Childhood Obesity$15$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
8Let's Talk: Families and Staff$15$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
9Making Families Welcome$12$102 hrs CEUs
10Potty Training Made Simple$13$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
11Supporting Breastfeeding Practices In Child Care$15$102 hrs0.2 CEUs
12Child Care Orientation$25$203 hrs0.3 CEUs
13Math in Early Childhood 4 You$25$203 hrs0.3 CEUs
14Emergency and Disaster Preparedness - Online$55$536 hrs CEUs

The following are approved by MSDE but do not award CEUs after their completion:

NamePriceClock Hours
1Art from the Heart for Preschoolers: Open Ended Art Projects that Build Self-Esteem$12$103 hrs
2Beautiful Junk: Using Recycled Materials in the Classroom $12$102 hrs
3Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados Oh My...Tips for Helping Children Cope$12$102 hrs
4Health and Nutrition$12$102 hrs
5How Do I Relate and Share Professionally?$12$102 hrs
6Shifting Gears to Positive Discipline$12$102 hrs
7Stressbusters: Stress Management for Childcare Providers$17$102 hrs
8Universal Design and Materials for Children with All Abilities$12$102 hrs
9Using Your Senses to Adapt Environments$12$102 hrs
10Let's Talk: Skills for Effective Communication$18$153 hrs
11Bye-Bye Bullies: Preventing and Addressing Bullying in Early Childhood$18$163 hrs
12Chef's in the Classroom: Cooking as a Teaching Tool$18$163 hrs
13Educational Evolution-The History of Early Childhood Education$18$163 hrs
14Engaging Indoor Activities for Inclement Weather$18$163 hrs
15Math In Early Childhood$18$163 hrs
16More than One Way to Look at it: Types of Early Childhood Education Programs$18$163 hrs
17 Moving About the Classroom: Effective Transitions for Everyday$18$163 hrs
18Partners in Education: The Family-Teacher Relationship$18$163 hrs
19Administering Basic Health and Safety Overview$25$203 hrs
203 Hour Aide Orientation $29$273 hrs
21SIDS: Saving Babies: A Change of Position, A Change in Tradition$29$272 hrs
229 Hour Communication Course$54$529 hrs