H&H Child Care Training Privacy Policy


I. Purpose

Since 1989, H&H Child Care Training has been committed to furthering early childhood educator and child care providers’ careers in professional development. We are committed to identify, learn and understand the courses and services H&H Child Care Training offers.

 This policy details H&H Child Care Training’s use of feedback completed by students at the end of online, Zoom, and in-person courses.

II. How do we process information?

 All survey feedback is stored on childcareed.com/. The feedback students offer after completing their course allows us to:

  • Improve our online platform;
  • Add potential features for our customers;
  • Ensure student satisfaction;
  • Contribute to general knowledge; and
  • Develop the needs analysis.

Comments written by students in these surveys also can serve as testimonials for us as a training center for all marketing material purposes at H&H Child Care Training. All comments specifically catered to how we can improve will be acknowledged, considered, and, where appropriate, acted upon.

III. Responsibilities

 Hwaida Hassanein, Executive Director

IV. What if I do not want my comment(s) displayed on your website?

 We recognize that not everyone wishes to see their comments online. If you wish for your comments to be exempt from our pool of testimonials, please contact us by either email (onlineservices@childcareed.com) or fax at (240)644-6214.

V. OAuth & Tracking data

On our website we use various analytical software, which helps us understand our users' behaviours and finally providing you a better service. Those services rely on cookies, which you will be advised towards its use the first time you visit our website.

You can opt to create or sign in to you account using third party OAuth services. We do not collect any senstive or restricted information about you. We only collect basic information, which you would have provided to us during your normal sign up. Informatino we recieve from third party authorization services are Name, Email & profile picture.

If at any time you would like to change or update your profil information you can access it under your profile link, or contact us for help.

In addition to all of that, we never sell data we collected. Our primary mission is education and not data aggregation so you never have to worry about your information being sold.


Effective May 1, 2021.

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