H&H Child Care Training Center (VA)

H&H Child Care Training provides pre-service and continued education for child care professionals. We offer online continued education text (excluding media) in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi and others. Class payments are non-refundable.

H&H is approved to offer many of the Child Care Licensing required training's such as:

Latest Blog & News

Teddy Bear Day

11/09/2022 EST

Bring Your Teddy to Work & School Day   Heads up! Wednesday, October 12th is National Bring Your Teddy bear to work & school day! Teddy bears are known to provide children and adults with comfort in times of distress, and companionship in times of loneliness. They’ve been giv... Read more

National Responders Day

11/08/2022 EST

National Responders Day is October 29th!   National First Responders Day - Congress designated Oct. 28 as National First Responders Day in 2017. The day honors the firefighters, police officers, paramedics, EMTs and 911 operators who answer the call when a crisis arises, often putting ... Read more

Oct 28 is National First Responders Day

11/08/2022 EST

In 2017, Congress designated Oct. 28 as National First Responders Day. The day honors the paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, and 911 operators who answer the call when a crisis arises. This day of gratitude pays tribute to their services and honors fallen first responders. There are m... Read more

H&H Business Perks/Group Admin

11/08/2022 EST

H&H Business Perks Group Admin Program! A few examples of those who benefit from being part of our H&H Business Perk Group Admin Program??  Child Care Centers Child Care Franchises Family Child Care Nonprofit Centers Before and After School Programs Montessori Schools... Read more

Congratulations to all of our CDA winners!!

11/25/2022 EST

Congratulations to all of our CDA winners!! We are thrilled to announce the winners of the CDA 120 hour training course. These lucky providers spun H&H's wheel during the NAEYC convention in Washington D.C. and now have 120 hours of CDA training in their accounts! Calay... Read more

Adaptations that support children's learning

11/08/2022 EST

Children with disabilities, like any other child, respond positively to materials they feel cater to their needs. Components of materials and the classroom may still need adaptations depending on the need. Adaptations change how a child learns something. This entails making changes or accommodations... Read more

Get Your CDA for Only $99!

11/08/2022 EST

Get the CDA for $99!   Are you looking to be a highly sought-after teacher in an infant and toddler or preschool classroom? The Child Development Associate (CDA) was first developed to improve the quality of early childhood education through the teachers who plan and implement instruction w... Read more

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Trainee Feedbacks

Debora F., Columbia, MD:

“ I really enjoy how this program is set up. I love the way you can buy the lesson and take your time to complete the course. Thank you for thinking of the concept of teaching thoughts who what to learn about Child Care. ”

Helen A., Early Childhood Educator:

“ This course is very important to those who are working in a child care facility ”

Catherine R., Early Childhood Educator:

“ This course is a good way to keep people more updates with what happens in child cares that have breastfeeding rooms for newborns. ”

Nicole F., Center Director:

“ We gathered a group of 9 employees at our center and did this training through a ZOOM call.. It was so convenient to not have to travel and to have all the staff in a prime location.”

Diane I., Baltimore, MD:

“ Hwaida was a terrific instructor. made the class very enjoyable and learned a lot! I like the zoom meeting format. the content of the class was very good and will help me at my preschool. Thanks so much. ”

Dialysis R., Early childhood educator:

“ This course taught me a lot and was very helpful. I cannot wait to apply what I learned from this course into my practice. ”

Sophie M., Bethesda, MD:

“ Thank you!! The class was very informative, and our instructor was amazing! ”

Tanisha M., Myrtle Beach, FL:

“ The class was informative and appropriately prepared me for working in a childcare setting. ”

Thilini V., Early childhood educator:


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