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H&H Child Care Training provides pre service and continued eductation for child care professionals. We offer online continued education text (excluding media) in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi and others. Class payments are non-refundable.

H&H is approved to offer many of the Child Care Licensing required training's such as:

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Childcare Training Requirements in Florida: H&H Child Care Training courses are accepted by the Florida Department of Children and Families towards the 10 clock hours (or 1 CEU) of in-service training required for those who work in family child care homes, large family child care homes and child care facilities/centers. This includes directors, employees, operators, providers, and substitutes.   For more information on accepted CEUs in Florida, click here. For help with course selection please call H&H Child Care Training Center at 240-261-4163. Thinking about opening a child care center in Florida?  For more information about opening a daycare or home child care ce...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 04/21/2021 EST

Having a Heart-to-Heart

Having a Heart-to-Heart   Communication in childcare comes in many forms: collaborating with colleagues, conferring with administrators and providers, exchanging information with parents and guardians about their children, and relating with families. Communication is a delicate process that combines not only language, but also tone, intent, and, in face-to-face interaction, body language. How can early childhood educators skillfully navigate their way through the art of communication? Effective communication is one of the fundamental building blocks to children's education. Educators cooperate with one another to best meet a child's needs, while frequent communication between educa...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 04/13/2021 EST

Advocacy for Children

Advocacy for Children It is not only parents and guardians who have the responsibility to advocate for their child(ren): early childhood educators, administrators, directors, and family/home daycare providers also share that responsibility when it comes to children under their care. The early years of a child's life are the most crucial in many ways--both in development and in learning. But how can we become our children's advocates? By becoming a powerful, collective voice in demanding only the best for the children under our care! According to the Council of Professional Recognition, here are 5 ways early childhood educators and administrator can become advocates: Speaking up Know...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 04/06/2021 EST

Interested in Opening a Home Daycare?

Interested in Opening a Home Daycare? To become a child care provider, you first need to decide if you want to open a business in your home or if you want to create a center-based business.  Below is a definition of each type of business: Family Child Care – You may provide care for up to 8 children in your home Large Family Child Care – You may care for up to 12 children in your home Child Care Center – You may provide care in a facility outside of your home that is zoned to be used as a child care center.  The number of children you serve is dependent upon the square footage of the building. For Family Child Care ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 03/26/2021 EST

Demand for Special Education Educators

Demand for Special Education Teachers in Child Care  Research shows that early intervention with high-quality services can be the turning point that can define a child's developmental track. Children with possible developmental delays benefit by showing marked improvement in many different areas of development. Ever since former President Barak Obama's challenge to Congress to expand access to high-quality preschools to all children back in 2013,  early childhood educators with special education experience and backgrounds have been highly sought, and the demand is still growing. But can you about it today? Here at H&H Child Care Training, we offer a wide vari...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 03/23/2021 EST

St. Patrick's Day Raffle 2021!

    We are holding a raffle contest from now until Friday, March 26th. Winners will receive a class of their choice for FREE at H&H, no restrictions barred!   On each Friday--March 12th, 19th, and the 26th--three lucky winners will be randomly selected, and announced in Monday's weekly email newsletter.   To enter, simply register for a paid course on our website. Good luck!   NOTE: Winners cannot transfer their free class to another user. Class registrations completed over the weekend are also included in this raffle. H&H Child Care Training's class cancellation policy is still in effect when registering for courses. Refund policy is listed at...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 03/12/2021 EST

Returning to the Classroom

"What happens now?" "Am I safe?" "Is opening schools safe?" "Am I putting my child(ren) at risk by sending them to school?" "What happens if I feel sick?" There are questions that everyone asks themselves as child care facilities and schools re-open after months of COVID-19, most of which surround the issue of children's health and safety. Parents of young children are not the only ones who have concerns: directors, administrators, and all staff have the same worries when it comes to re-opening centers mid-pandemic. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all child care institutions follow a list of guidelines for monitoring possible symptoms and what ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 03/09/2021 EST

New Courses in Professionalism

    One of the big questions of professionalism is "Why teach it?" For many, professionalism is a field that is not explicitly taught--it is assumed that people will naturally learn it while building their careers. One of the biggest challenges in teaching professionalism is defining what "professionalism" is--different people will have different definitions; however, professionalism is one of the most important tools that any educator and administrator should have. What does professionalism look like in the world of early childhood education? Professionalism is more than a dress code--it is honesty and integrity, the knowledge and skills to be effective educators and administra...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 03/02/2021 EST

What to Know About the CDA

What is the CDA? The Child Development Associate (commonly known as the CDA) is a credential educators can earn that proves their competency in early childhood education, and is a great way to advance your career in the field. Developed in the 1970s, the CDA was to be the solution to improving standards in early childhood education. What do I need to apply for the CDA? The following is a list of prequisites to apply for the CDA: Obtain a high school diploma, GED, or official document certifying that you are a high school junior or senior currently enrolled in an early childhood education program. Purchase the CDA Competency Standards from the CDA Council, either online ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 02/25/2021 EST

CEUs at H&H

What are CEUs? Continuing Education Units (CEUs), also known as Continuing Education Credits (CECs), help educators maintain their license to continue teaching. Education is never stagnant: there is always something new to learn.   How many CEUs do I need? CEU requirements can differ from state to state. In the state of Maryland, a minimum of 6 out of 12 clock hours is required to keeping your license up to date.   Which H&H classes gives CEUs? Here at H&H Child Training, we offer a number of classes--all online and self-paced--that you can complete on your own schedule, and all from the comfort of your home! Here are some of the classes we offer: Creating the N...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 02/23/2021 EST