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H&H Intellectual Property Rights Policy


Effective Date: 01/2013

Revision Date: 02/20/23


It is the policy of ChildCareEdto honor and respects the intellectual property rights of others, and expect third parties to respect ChildCareEd's intellectual property rights.


This policy is intended to maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations, as well as a high standard of professional conduct throughout the organization. 


H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd) Hwaida Hassanein.


Any materials, publications, processes, or related works previously developed by the presenter, content editor, or subject matter expert (author) outside the scope of work and agreements with ChildCafeEd, which has been used by its author in trainings developed for ChildCareEd, shall be owned by the author who developed it. In that scenario, and by putting their authored material in ChildCareEd trainings, the author provides ChildCareEd with a non‐exclusive license for the materials as to its use and distribution.

The author grants ChildCareEd permission to: (1) copy, reproduce, publish, and distribute the materials in all print and other formats (including but not limited to online publication via ChildCareEd’s website, and distribution at future ChildCareEd programs and conferences); (2) reprint materials for distribution; and (3) make materials available for purchase and distribution after a continuing education and training event.

The author represents and warrants that the materials do not violate or infringe on any personal or property rights of others, whether common law or statutory; the materials contain nothing libelous or otherwise contrary to law; and that they are authorized and empowered to grant the license and release to ChildCareEd.

ChildCareEd agrees to provide presenters with appropriate authorship credit as applicable and acknowledgment each time it publishes or republishes the work, and to require authorized sub‐licensees if any, to also provide appropriate authorship credit and acknowledgments. ChildCareEd understands and agrees that any grant of rights does not constitute a transfer of copyright and that the presenter remains free to present the materials or revised versions elsewhere.


References: ANSI/IACET 1‐2013 Standard CE/T 6.5.1

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