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ChildCareEd Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement: ChildCareEd is an organization that provides Continuing Education Unit (CEU) training, professional certifications, and career path opportunities for all individuals seeking to become early childhood education professionals through easily accessible and affordable services.

Mission Statement: The primary purpose of ChildCareEd is to provide a learning environment in which individuals can discover, critically examine, preserve, and transmit the knowledge, wisdom, and values that will help them ensure the survival and quality of early childhood education for today and future generations. 

ChildCareEd seeks to help learners develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds in which they will become educators themselves, and to allow each learner to live and realize their highest potential of intellectual, physical, and human development. In addition, ChildCareEd seeks to attract and serve learners from diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds, to be sensitive and responsive to their needs, and, above all, to assist all to achieve their fullest potential in their pursuit of early childhood education. 

To fulfill its mission, ChildCareEd incorporates:  

1. Broad and balanced Certification Programs and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that are mutually reinforcing and emphasize high quality and creative instruction to our learners. 

2. Generation of new knowledge through a broad array of learning platforms including but not limited to: virtual classrooms, asynchronous and synchronous learning, in-person onsite, and coaching and mentoring. 

3. Extensive participation in statewide, national and international programs and encourage ChildCareEd participants to seek benefits from ChildCareEd’s unique educational resources, such as staff expertise, articles, and partnerships with other organizations. 

4. Strengthening of cultural understanding through CHildCareEd’s diverse staff and network for supporting special needs. Training content is designed to include differing abilities, cultures, economic and technological changes through the encouragement of study and research.

5. Maintenance of a level of excellence and standards in all training that will give participants statewide, national, and international significance.

 7. Through ChildCareEd’s policies and programs embodiment, respect for, and commitment to, national best practices and early childhood education for the betterment of all families, providers, and young children alike. 

ChildCareEd has been providing training services since 2001 and has trained almost a million training hours and certified over 20,000 child care providers. ChildCareEd continues to grow and support its learners with current and ongoing trends in professionalism, child development, health, safety, nutrition, curriculum, special needs, and community. 


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