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ChildCareEd Proprietary Interest Policy



It is the policy of ChildCareEd is that the Proprietary Interest of instructors is disclosed.


This policy is intended to maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations, as well as a high standard of professional conduct throughout the organization.


ChildCareEd Executive Director, content editors, and subject matter experts


In some cases, ChildCareEd may allow an instructor, content editor, or subject matter expert with proprietary interests to conduct professional development activities at ChildCareEd events, provided that appropriate disclosure of such interest is made. Disclosure of proprietary interest will be made on course materials and at the beginning of the course.

Examples of appropriate disclosures are the following:

“The Instructor holds patent rights to the instrument”

“The Instructor has a financial interest in this instrument”

“The instructor is a consultant to the (name of Company)”

“The instructor owns more than 10% of the stock in (name of Company)”

Even with disclosure, presentations shall not promote the exclusive use of the commercial product.


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