Describe vehicle safety standards for school-age children #5247

Describe vehicle safety standards for school-age children

Ensure the safety of school-age children by understanding and implementing vehicle safety standards. Additionally, support their mathematical skills development with effective strategies. Discover how our early childhood education and child care centers prioritize these vital aspects for children's growth.

Trainings incorporating this outcome

45 hours courses
IACET accredited logo 4.5 CEUs

3 hours courses

Related Outcomes

  1. Identify safety management and supervision practices of school-aged children.
  2. Describe strategies to support the development of mathematical skills in school age children.
  3. Describe strategies to support school age childrens language and literacy skills.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of physical growth and development in school age children and the impact it has on programming.
  5. Identify types of bullying affecting school aged children.
  6. Identify health and safety curricular resources for the school-age setting
  7. Identify strategies that promote health and wellness for school-aged children.
  8. Identify the elements of an appropriate lesson plan/activity for school age children.
  9. Demonstrate understanding of inclusionary practices for school-age children.
  10. Identify vehicle safety hazards that pose a major threat to children.
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of how to develop and implement a daily schedule for school-age children.
  12. Describe a classroom management plan that promotes positive reinforcement and clear expectations for the school-age setting
  13. Identify health and safety curricular resources for the school-age setting.
  14. Demonstrate an understanding of how to keep children safe while in vehicles and school buses.
  15. Identify the recommended feeding patterns of school-age children.
  16. Identify essential elements for effective communication with school-age children.
  17. Demonstrate understanding of developmentally appropriate practices for school-age children with various needs.
  18. Define self-esteem and identify issues and strategies for support of school age children.
  19. Demonstrate how environment and equipment modifications support individual needs for school-age children.
  20. Recognize the barriers to effective communication for school-aged children

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