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5 Ways to Make Back to School Fun for Children

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Back-to-school season is here! Get ready for school by making it fun for kids to go back. Getting ready for school means getting ready to learn for another year. It also means that a lot of teachers will have to help their students get ready for this new experience.

Here are five ways you can do it:

Have a Party!

How exciting is it to go to school for the first time? Exciting enough to have a party to welcome them back!  There is no need to wait until the school year is over to throw a party!

Serve baked goods, fresh fruit, and orange or apple juice. Include a circle time where kids can tell stories about their summers and dance away their nerves. 

Do Some Read Alouds

Choose quality books that will help them feel less nervous, make them laugh, or boost their self-esteem and build sense of community.

Don't be afraid of the classics with words that are hard to understand. Children can fill in the blanks, which helps them learn new words and understand the story if it is interesting. 

The first day of school is a great time to just sit down with your kids and read to them.

Student Gifts

At the end of the day, give each child a gift to say thanks for a great first day. If you have a theme for your classroom, you might want to get a gift that goes with it.

One-On-One Time

Spend a few minutes with each child on their own. Meet them, say hello, make them laugh, and encourage them. It's very important to make a personal connection on the first day.

Ice Breaker Beach Ball

Put questions on a beach ball with a permanent pen. Sit your children in a circle and have them throw the beach ball to each other. When a child catches the ball, they answer any of the questions they can see and then pass it to the next person. You will have to help the children “read” and ask the questions, but what a fun way for the children to get to know you and each other!

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