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90 Hour-School Age Training

90-Hour School-Age Training


The 90-Hour School-Age Training is made up of two courses: the 45-Hour School Age Methods and Materials and the 45-Hour Growth and Development Birth to 12 Years


What is the 45-Hour School Age Methods and Materials?

45 Hour School Age Methods and Materials: This is the in-person version of this course.

45-Hour School Age Curriculum: This is the online version of this course.

Students will gain the skills necessary to work in school-age child care programs. Topics include curriculum planning, age-appropriate materials, and methods for working with children ages six-13. This certification course satisfies the curriculum half of the MSDE requirement of 90 hours of childcare training for teachers, directors, and coordinators working with school-age children. You must successfully complete all course requirements to receive a certificate. Aligns with MD Staff Credential (proposed) levels 2-4. MSDE Approval number PSO-30299. The online class has no classroom meetings and is a self-paced training which begins at the time of registration....Continue Reading


What is the 45-Hour Growth and Development Birth to 12 Years?

45 Hour Child Growth and Development: This is the in-person version of this course.

45 hour Growth and Development Birth-age 12 ONLINE: This is the online version of this course.

This course covers the child development half of 90 hours coursework. This certification course satisfies half of the MSDE requirement of 90 hours for child care teachers and directors. Gain a broad overview of major concepts, theories, and research related to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the child from birth through age 12. This course and a 45-hour course in the age-appropriate curriculum (preschool, infant-toddler, or school-age) are required to complete the 90-hour certification for child care. Students must successfully complete the online training and online survey at the end of the course to receive their certificates. Students can expect their cert...Continue Reading


What formats do you offer the 90-Hour School Age Training?

H&H Child Care Training Center offers the 90-Hour certificate in two formats: online or in-person/Zoom. Don't see the Zoom schedule for this class? Call our office to inquire about onsite training options!


How much does the 90-Hour School Age Certificate cost?

The cost is currently set at $575.



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