ChildCareEd is a TTAS approved entity through Alaska SEED. ChildCareEd provides International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

Preservice training:

Alaska providers are required to obtain Health and Safety Orientation training from a training program approved by the department. 

The following ChildCareEd trainings have been approved to meet compliance with Health and Safety Orientation training requirements as described in 7 AAC 57.350 and have been added to Alaska's Approved Health and Safety Trainings list:

Career Ladder

As a SEED Approved Training Organization, ChildCareEd’s trainings can be used to fulfill the requirements for Levels 2-5 on the Career Ladder.

  • Level 5: 120 hours of SEED-approved training
  • Level 4: 80 hours of SEED-approved training
  • Level 3: 40 hours SEED-approved training
  • Level 2: 24 hours SEED-approved training

CDA Training: (120 hours)

The CDA Credential can be used to qualify for Level 5 on the Career Ladder and meet qualifications for Directors of child care centers.

Annual Training:

ChildCareEd courses can be used to meet the required annual trainings for full time caregivers: twenty-four (24) clock hours.

Thinking about opening a child care facility in Alaska? For those of you interested in starting a day care or home-based child care facility in Alaska, please contact your state licensing using the contact information below. The licensing agency can give you advice on the requirements, rules and regulations of your state.

The Child Care Program Office (CCPO) https://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/Pages/ccare/default.aspx 
Email: CCPO@alaska.gov or
Toll-free statewide at: 1-888-268-4632

Administrators! Are you looking to purchase hours for your staff? ChildCareEd offers the Group Admin Program and Subscription Services, which make it easy and affordable to make group purchases.

Group Admin Program

The Group Admin Program allows you to purchase clock hours at a flat price and then assign classes to staff members. This gives you control over your budget and training plan. Purchase hours for staff to ensure they complete their training requirements.

Use our Group Admin Feature and receive the following benefits:

  • Record-keeping tools to manage continuing education requirements
  • Group Administrators can see their staff's progress in assigned courses as well as test scores
  • Purchase bulk hours with discounted Subscription Services
  • Refunded hours if staff leave and do not finish courses
  • Add or remove staff as needed
  • Assign training to individuals or the entire team
  • Print administrator copies of certificates

Subscription Services

With Subscription Services, you can purchase training hours at a low one-time cost. There are three tiers to choose from, depending on your needs:

  • Basic: Unlimited online training
  • CDA Plus: Unlimited online training plus all CDA online training courses
  • Instructor-Led: Unlimited online training, plus all CDA online training courses, and one Virtual Class each month led by a trained Educational Specialist

To view the course selection available for each of our subscription services, please click on View Courses List under each here: https://www.childcareed.com/subscriptions.html.


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