A select number of H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd)’s courses are approved by the Nevada Registry to be counted toward annual training requirements and to satisfy training requirements for Level 1.3 of the Nevada Early Care and Education Professional Career Ladder. Some courses are approved for the Lifelong Wellness (Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity) and Child Development initial training requirements, please see course details for more information. Our courses are listed on the Nevada Registry website. H&H (ChildCareEd) is accredited by the International Association for Education and Training (IACET) and offers CEUs for all online courses.

The following are preservice requirements for all providers in the state of Nevada:

  • Signs and Symptoms of Illness (SOI) with Bloodborne Pathogens, 2 hours
  • Recognition and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect, 2 hours
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS,) 2 hours
  • Child Development, 3 hours
  • Lifelong Wellness (Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity), 2 hours
  • Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), 1 hour
  • Building and Physical Premises Safety, 2 hours
  • Emergency Preparedness, 2 hours
  • Medication Administration and Food Allergies, 2 hours
  • Transportation & Field Trip Safety, 1 hour

To be qualified as a Director of a child care center in Nevada, providers must have a least a CDA credential.

H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd) offers the CDA credential as well as the CDA renewal in all CDA areas. 

All providers in the state of Nevada are required to complete 24 hours of annual training.

*Please contact the Nevada Registry to confirm all requirements as standards are subject to change.*

Look below to find the Nevada Registry-approved courses.

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