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10/21/2021 EST

Childcare Training Requirements in Maryland: H&H Child Care Training courses are accepted by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) towards the 12 clock hours (or 1.2 CEUs) of in-service training required for those who work in family child care homes, large family child care homes and... Read more


10/21/2021 EST

Childcare Training Requirements in Florida: H&H Child Care Training courses are accepted by the Florida Department of Children and Families towards the 10 clock hours (or 1 CEU) of in-service training required for those who work in family child care homes, large family child care homes and child... Read more

National School Bus Safety Week

10/20/2021 EST

It is National School Bus Safety Week! “Recognizing the critical importance of school bus operations in safely delivering students to in-person learning, Governor Larry Hogan issued a proclamation declaring School Bus Safety Week in Maryland, October 18-22. The proclamation celebrates school ... Read more

Training for Free?

10/18/2021 EST

Training for Free?? You got it! Did you know that MSDE provides all child care providers who have obtained a Level 2 or higher in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program up to $400 each year! Yes you read that right! $400 a year! Free! So why not take advantage of it!  So how does this wor... Read more

Child Development Training

10/14/2021 EST

The early years of a child’s life are very important for their health and development. Healthy development means that children of all abilities, including those with special health care needs, can grow up where their social, emotional, and educational needs are being met. Having a safe and l... Read more

Wolf Trap Early Learning Programs

10/13/2021 EST

The arts in early childhood education offer children a wealth of social-emotional, cognitive, and motor development opportunities. Through engagement with music, dance, and visual arts, children are able to learn social skills, emotional regulation, increased language skills, and improve gross and f... Read more

CDA Training Online

10/12/2021 EST

The pandemic has created devasting worldwide impacts in all aspects of life, and the childcare workforce was no exception.  With parents struggling to find reliable high-quality childcare in addition to worrying about their own job security, it is no wonder stress has reached an all-time high... Read more

Emergency Preparedness training

10/11/2021 EST

Emergency preparedness Natural and manmade disasters can happen anywhere and at any time, usually when we least expect them. Young children are the most vulnerable in these situations as they are often physically and/or developmentally unable to protect themselves. It is the responsibility of paren... Read more

Individualized Learning

10/07/2021 EST

  Individualized learning is a process of planning and implementing learning experiences that are responsive to each child's interests, strengths, and needs. Teachers reflect on their observations of each child and then plan the most effective ways to support each child's learning and develo... Read more

Adminstration Courses Online

10/06/2021 EST

Administration Courses Online  Thinking of becoming an Administrator at your child care facility? You may not realize, but many states require additional training for child care center administrators. In the state of Maryland, potential administrators must complete 45 hours of administrative t... Read more

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