Explain the new USDA MyPlate guide. #4926

Explain the new USDA MyPlate guide.

Learn about the new USDA MyPlate guide, a valuable resource for understanding nutrition and healthy eating habits. Discover appropriate techniques for supervising and guiding young children in childcare, promoting their well-being and development. Explore our page for insights on early childhood education and child care centers.

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Related Outcomes

  1. Explain appropriate techniques for supervising and guiding young children in childcare.
  2. Explain effective strategies to guide children’s technology use and combat the media’s influence.
  3. Explain when to report child abuse
  4. Explain successful communication skills in early childhood education.
  5. Students will be able to explain conversational intent, and inviting consent
  6. Identify and explain the major components of the major and current approaches to development and learning
  7. Explain safety guidelines involved when planning sensory activities for young children.
  8. Define conflict resolution and explain why problem solving is important.
  9. Explain an Individual Family Support Plan and/or and Individual Education Plan
  10. Identify strategies to listen while withholding judgement about the new or unfamiliar
  11. Explains how materials and experiences support the developmental needs of young children.
  12. List recommended feeding schedules and identify strategies for introducing new food for children birth through age three.
  13. Demonstrate an understanding of how available materials and equipment guide activity development
  14. Explain the role of respect in children’s behavior.
  15. Explain various methods of providing performance feedback in coaching and mentoring.
  16. Explain the importance of two-way communication.
  17. Explain the rewards of coaching and mentoring.
  18. Explain the value of self-evaluation and reflection.
  19. Explain intercultural communication as it relates to coaching and mentoring.
  20. Identify effective strategies for interviewing potential new staff.

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