45 Hour Preschool Methods and Materials - zoom/in-person

45 Hour Preschool Methods and Materials - $399

Virtual Classroom with ZOOM Approved by MSDE. Students MUST have a computer desktop or laptop.

This course covers the curriculum component for preschool children ages 2-5 and completes the 90 hour coursework. This certification course satisfies half of the MSDE requirement of 90 hours for child care teachers and directors working with preschoolers. You will examine curriculum materials and teaching methods that stimulate children from birth to age 6, and build communication skills to use with parents, co-workers and the public.

This course has been approved by MSDE Early Childhood Division approval number PSO-30299. MSDE Subject Areas 30 CUR/6 HSN/3 SN/3 COM/3 PRO

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Hours breakdown

30 CUR/6 HSN/3 SN/3 COM/3 PRO

Topics / Categories

Health, safety and nutrition
Special needs
Child development
Business Perks

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