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90-Hour Preschool Training

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Why do I need the 90-Hour Certification?

The 90-Hour Child Care Certification in Maryland is a pre-service training program that prepares individuals to work as lead teachers in child care centers. The program covers topics such as child development, early childhood education, classroom management, and health and safety. If you wish to be a lead teacher in a childcare program this is a certificate you must obtain.

By completing the 90-Hour Child Care Certification, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful lead teacher in a child care center. You will also be better prepared to meet the high standards set by the MSDE.

In addition to the requirements set by the MSDE, many childcare centers also require their lead teachers to have the 90-Hour Child Care Certification. This is because they believe that the certification is a sign of quality and commitment to providing high-quality care to young children.

What does the 90-Hour Certification cover?

This certification is required to be a Lead Teacher in a childcare center.  The 90-Hour Certification is made up of two 45-hour courses:

  • Child Growth and Development (45 hours): This course covers the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children from birth to age 12. Topics include:
    • Theories of child development
    • The impact of environment on development
    • Individual differences in development
    • Assessment of child development
  • Curriculum Development for a specific age group. (45 hours):This course covers the development and implementation of early childhood curriculums. Topics include:
    • Planning and implementing activities
    • Using resources to support learning
    • Assessment of learning
    • Professional development

ChildCareEd offers all training courses required to complete the 90 Hours certification in Maryland. ChildCareEd provides the 90 hour child care certification online and instructor-led. The 90-Hour Child Care Certification offered by ChildCareEd is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. Interested in 90 hours preschool certification class? Check out the courses below.

90- Hour Child Care Certification Online for those interested in online self-paced training, register for the following courses:

90- Hour Child Care Certification In-person for those who prefer in-person classes, register for the following courses:

To see upcoming in person classes visit ChildCareEd and click on Instructor Led. 

Just added!

ChildCareEd has just added a CDA Bridge Bundle training for those who have obtained their 90 Hours Certification and would like to further their education and obtain their CDA. 

Use your 90-Hour Child Care Certification toward your CDA Certification!

This 30-hour bundle is approved for Maryland teachers and providers for the remaining portion of the Child Development Associate’s (CDA) 120-hour course requirement. In this online course, learners will cover important developmental milestones of young children, as well as how to design and implement effective learning experiences that focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. They will also learn how to accommodate children with special needs and how to nurture a professional attitude.

ChildCareEd has included both online and in person, in-person, in-person classes to accommodate all learning styles.

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