Upcoming features to our Group Admin - post

Upcoming features to our Group Admin

image in article Upcoming features to our Group AdminH&H Child Care Training Center offers the Group Admin Program, a feature in which clients can purchase clock hours at a flat price and then assign classes to staff members.

Currently, as a group admin you have the ability to:

  • Track the progress of your staff in assigned courses.
  • Purchase bulk hours with discounted Subscription Servies.
  • Receive a refund on hours if staff leave and do not finish courses.
  • Add or remove staff as needed.
  • Assign training to individuals or the entire team.
  • Print administrator copies of certificates.

We are adding features to our Group Admin!!!


In addition to the regular Group Admin features, we will be adding the ability to:

  • Monitor staff progress in Instructor-led classes. *
  • Reprint certificates for instructor-led classes. *

*This feature excludes First Aid and CPR and Medication Administration.

We have also added new features to our website including new icons and the ability to search our job postings by zip code, distance, and position.

Thinking of another feature that would make your life as an administrator easier? Let us know! We at H&H Child Care Training Center are always looking for ways to improve. Let us know what you think! 

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