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Mixed Age Groups

Child care providers working in a mixed age preschool classroom, encounter unique challenges as well as things to celebrate. When providers understand the benefits of mixed age preschool they are better capable of designing activities that facilitate the growth and development of all children in their care. Mixed-age group classrooms cultivate a collaborative community of learning where older children can assist and guide younger children while increasing their own self-esteem. 

H&H Child Care Training Center understands that working with mixed age groups requires specific training and attention to lesson planning. Working With Mixed-Age Groups in Childcare is an online training course designed to aid providers working with mixed age groups. This 3-hour training explains various aspects of working with children in the mixed-age group setting. In this online child care course, students will:

  1. Demonstrate the benefits of mixed-age grouping in early childhood education;
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the research done on mixed-age group instruction;
  3. Explain the challenges behind mixed-age group instruction and strategies to overcome them;
  4. Identify tips and strategies for successful mixed-age group instruction; and
  5. Give examples of activities considered appropriate for mixed-age groups.

In addition to this course, H&H also offers courses in the areas of Child Development, Health, Safety, and Nutrition, Professionalism, Curriculum, Community and Family, Culture and Diversity, and so much more. With over 200 online courses there is something to interest everyone. We are adding more training courses each week in all of these areas so check back often to see what courses interest you.

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