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Why Sign Up for Group Admin?

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Why Sign Up for Group Admin?


To all child care directors, administrators, and providers:

Professional development is a must for your teachers, to have them grow and develop into more well-rounded instructors as they care for their students. Some are absolutely essential, such as the teaching methods and material courses of different ages, and others encourage creativity in the classroom and foster better parent-teacher relationships.

However, sometimes it is difficult to keep up with which teacher needs to take what. The solution? Introducing the Group Admin! (It's not as scary as it sounds.) 

Assigning classes to your teachers and staff is as easy as 1-2-3. When you purchase hours at our very affordable flat rate, you will be able to assign online and in-person classes* to your teachers and staff. Some of the benefits of the Group Admin include...

  • Offers a flat bulk rate for hours;
  • Tracks assigned teachers' progress;
  • Provides an easy record-keeping system of annual professional development hours for licensing;
  • Transfer hours to other others (hours once purchased never expire); classes are transferable to other student accounts if not yet completed.

More features coming soon, including the feature to reprint certificates for completed classes!


Rather register over the phone? Email us at info@childcareed.com or call us at 1(833)283-2241 (2TEACH1).


*Please note that this does not include Medication training and First Aid CPR training.


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