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COMAR Regs/ Group Admin

image in article COMAR Regs/ Group AdminChildCareEd is helping Administrators save time with our new Professional Development Plan feature. 

Owners, Operators, and Administrators who obtain a free Group Admin/ Business Perks account through ChildCareEd now have the ability to generate a Professional Development Plan for each employee. This feature will allow administrators to monitor licensing requirements for each staff member. Save time and let ChildCareEd complete your staff’s Professional Development Plan.

COMAR 13A.16.06 Staff Requirements

  • A childcare teacher or aide in a center shall: According to the individual's professional development plan, complete approved continued training.
  • INTENT: A childcare teacher or aide in a center must have sufficient continued training to keep abreast with current child development issues.
  • ASSESSMENT METHOD: Licensing will review the teacher’s completed Professional Development Plan with attached documentation of training completed.

Additional Group Admin Program Perks

  • Record-keeping tools to manage continuing education requirements for staffing to adhere to licensing regulations. 
  • Proof of Learning - NO pushing "PLAY" and walking away.
  • Tracking Progress - Group Administrators can see their staff's progress in assigned courses as well as test scores.
  • Purchase bulk hours with discounted Subscription Services
  • Refunded hours if staff leave and do not finish courses
  • Add or remove staff as needed.
  • Assign training to individuals or the entire team.
  • Print administrator copies of certificates.


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