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Group Admin Program

image in article Group Admin ProgramThe Group Admin Program at ChildCareEd offers a number of benefits to child care owners, directors, and administrators.

  • Discounted rates: One of the biggest benefits of the Group Admin Program is the discounted rates on training hours. Child care facilities can save a significant amount of money by purchasing hours in bulk and unlocking unlimited access to over 500 hours of training.
  • Easy administration: The Group Admin Program makes it easy to manage training for all of your #staff members. You can create user accounts for each staff member and assign them specific training courses. You can also track their progress, view their certificates of completion, and have the option to reassign up to two staff per year
  • Flexible options: The Group Admin Program offers a variety of flexible options. You can purchase hours for online training, instructor-led training, or a combination of both. You can also choose to purchase hours for individual staff members or your entire team.

Overall, the Group Admin Program at ChildCareEd is a valuable tool for child care owners, directors, and administrators who need to train their staff. It offers discounted rates, easy administration, flexible options, comprehensive training, and convenience.

How to enroll in the Group Admin Program.

If you already have an account with ChildCareEd, simply go to your User Profile and update your business type to either center owner or center admin.

Note: In order to create user accounts within the Group Admin, you must purchase a minimum of $30 worth of training hours.

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