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H&H Business Perks/Group Admin

H&H Business Perks Group Admin Program!

A few examples of those who benefit from being part of our Group Admin Program?? 

  • Child Care Centers
  • Child Care Franchises
  • Family Child Care
  • Nonprofit Centers
  • Before and After School Programs
  • Montessori Schools/Centers
  • Organizations serving children and youth
  • Job placement and training agencies 
  • Pretty much any entity that can, or needs to utilize child care related education and training

Benefits of being a Group Admin Program participant?

  • Portal allows Administrator(s) to assign courses to their staff
    • Record keeping tools to manage continuing education requirements for staffing to adhere to licensing regulations. 
    • Proof of Learning - NO pushing play and walking away
    • Tracking Progress - Group Administrators can see their staff's progress in assigned courses as well as test scores
  • Purchase Online training hours at discounted rates
    • Variable pricing - buy more, save more
    • Hours never expire
    • Hours are re-assignable to another staff/team member if not completed
    • Opportunity to hedge against inflation for future training needs
  • Purchase Instructor-Led Virtual Classes at a discounted rate
  • Customized online IACET courses with turnaround times of ≈ 48-72 hours
  • Post your job opportunities on our online job board for free
  • Concierge services
  • No travel fee for in-person trainings within 30 miles of our corporate office and a 15 person minimum
  • Exclusive discount opportunities 
  • Priority class schedules (based on trainer availability) 
  • Special pricing on in-person, instructor-led classes (call for details)

Register Here to start realizing the benefits of being a Group Admin Program participant.

 *Some exclusions apply. The exclusions are First Aid and CPR and the 6-Hour Medication Administration. Contact our office at 833-283-2241 to refund hours through the Group Admin.

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