Describe procedures for communication and preparation during an emergency. #5321

Describe procedures for communication and preparation during an emergency.

Learn the procedures for communication and preparation during an emergency in early childhood education and child care centers. Find out how to address various emergency situations and ensure the safety of children.

Trainings incorporating this outcome

6 hours courses

Related Outcomes

  1. Describe various emergency situations and the proper procedures to address them.
  2. Identify best practices when communicating with emergency personnel.
  3. Demonstrate ways to help prevent or prepare for emergencies and disasters
  4. Describe nonverbal communication as it relates to coaching and mentoring.
  5. Describe the types of emergency response and situations that warrant each response.
  6. Describe what and how to respond to the following emergency situations: loss of water, serious injury, loss/death of child, etc.
  7. Define what is an emergency and the legal requirements for emergency preparedness for child care professionals.
  8. Describe the components of an emergency preparedness plan for child care facilities
  9. Describe additional provisions to the emergency preparedness plan
  10. Describe the components of emergency preparedness in the child care setting.
  11. Describe the process of creating and communicating rules within the classroom.
  12. Describe and define various ways to prepare for earthquakes and floods.
  13. Describe how sign language can be used as a means of communication with infants
  14. Give examples of tools that record and communicate critical information to other staff and families.
  15. Explain successful communication skills in early childhood education.
  16. Identify required emergency documentation
  17. Describe ways to analyze classrooms for an anti-bias approach.
  18. Identify appropriate practice for the identification, prevention, and treatment of communicable diseases in childcare.
  19. Identify appropriate practices communicable diseases/illnesses and immunizations and their schedules in child care setting
  20. Demonstrate how to develop policies and procedures that promote good hygiene

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