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Prepare for Summer Emergencies with Pediatric First Aid and CPR

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Got CPR? Summer is Coming!! Enroll in ChildCareEd's First Aid and CPR Training Today

Summer is nearly here, which means more time spent with kids at the pool, park, camps, and other warm weather adventures. While fun in the sun is the goal, accidents can happen no matter how careful we are. That's why it's so important for #teachers, parents, camp counselors, coaches - really anyone who spends time around children - to be trained in #Pediatric First Aid and #CPR.

Being prepared with the right skills could save a young life. Getting #CPR certified is easier than ever thanks to ChildCareED's convenient blended learning option that combines online coursework with an in-person skills session.

So what are you waiting for? Here are reasons to stop putting it off and get Pediatric First Aid/CPR certified before #summer kicks into high gear:

  1. Move Over Mermaids - Kids Need Real Life Superheroes We all want to be the fun parent or cool teacher. But you know what's even cooler? Being a pint-sized superhero who actually knows how to save lives. Getting certified gives you the power to swoop in with medical know-how if a child is choking, unconscious, or showing other #emergency signs. Now that's a real super power!
  2. Don't Be Flustered During a Crisis - When an emergency strikes, many people freeze up and panic because they simply don't know what to do. With First Aid/CPR training, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to remain calm and spring into action - which could prevent a bad situation from getting even worse.
  3. But Really, What Are the Chances? Hopefully you never have to use your First Aid/CPR training in a true emergency. But the reality is, injuries are the leading cause of death in children and account for millions of ER visits annually. Things like falls, choking, drowning, and other accidents can happen in an instant when you least expect it. Being prepared gives kids their best chance at surviving such incidents.
  4. Make Play Dates Safer - Accidents and injuries don't just happen at pools or playgrounds. They can strike anywhere kids gather - including your own home during a simple play date or birthday party. When you're First Aid/CPR certified, you can worry less and just enjoy quality time with your kids and their friends.
  5. Sleep Better at Night Knowing the Kids Are Covered - As a parent or caregiver, it's hard not to constantly worry about your children's safety. Getting certified provides peace of mind that if the unthinkable happens, you'll be able to respond quickly and effectively rather than feeling helpless and afraid.
  6. Get Camp-Ready with Comprehensive Training - For those working at summer camps, First Aid/CPR certification is an absolute must. You'll be responsible for children's safety all day, every day in an active outdoor environment with plenty of opportunity for injuries. Individuals can make themselves more hirable by getting certified ahead of time.
  7. Babysitters Need This Skillset Too - Even if babysitting is just a casual, occasional gig for you, First Aid/CPR training is highly recommended. Parents will feel better hiring you when they know you can properly respond in case of an emergency rather than just calling 911 and waiting. It's a great resume booster!
  8. Open Yourself Up to Opportunities - First Aid/CPR certification can qualify you for many different jobs involving childcare. For teachers, it helps enhance classroom safety. For those in the medical field, it's a great way to pick up another credential. And for stay-at-home parents, it allows you to become an in-demand babysitter or nanny. Adding this to your skillset expands your options!
  9. Little Oops to Major Whoops - Skills to Handle It All From minor cuts and scrapes to severe trauma scenarios, you'll learn techniques to handle a wide range of emergencies. Skills include responding to bleeding, burns, allergic reactions, seizures, poisoning - anything involving pediatric injury or illness. The more you know, the better prepared you'll be.
  10. Refresh and Refine Your Knowledge - If it's been a while since your last First Aid/CPR course, now is the perfect time for a refresher. Guidelines for emergency care are constantly being updated, so it's important to keep your skills sharp. You'll learn the latest methods to provide effective, up-to-date care.

As you can see, there are so many great reasons to complete a Pediatric First Aid and #CPR course - especially with summer right around the corner. The good news is that ChildCareED makes it easier than ever to get this critical training.

With their blended learning format, you can start by completing the online portion at your own convenience. Then you'll attend just one in-person skills session to practice hands-on techniques. It's the best of both worlds - flexible online learning combined with personal instruction. Check out our in-person options also.

Upon passing, you'll earn a Pediatric First Aid and CPR certification valid for two years. Pediatric First Aid/CPR is just one of the many courses ChildCareED offers to help early childhood professionals grow their careers. We make it simple and affordable to meet training requirements while expanding your skillset.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in ChildCareEd's First Aid and CPR Training Today and get ready to be prepared for any emergency that comes your way! Kids are counting on you to be their real-life superhero this summer.  

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