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Why should childcare programs have an emergency plan?

image in article Why should childcare programs have an emergency plan?Why should childcare programs have an emergency plan?

An emergency preparedness plan alerts everyone to what actions they should take in the event of an emergency, it also signals to parents that the childcare program is prepared for any situation. Planning beforehand can help prevent serious injury during an emergency and alleviates some fears related to these unknown circumstances. Establishing a protocol for a variety of different potential emergencies helps adults and children plan and prepare.

Each emergency preparedness plan should include:

  • The duties of the director and staff.
  • A procedure for removing staff and children to a shelter within a building of the facility if the staff and children are instructed to do so by emergency personnel.
  • A procedure for evacuating the facility.
  • A plan for transportation.
  • A list of sites that may be used for relocation.
  • A plan for the supervision of the children of the facility during the emergency.
  • The manner in which children and staff from the facility will be accounted for during the emergency.
  • The method for contacting emergency personnel, including the fire department, a law enforcement agency, or any other appropriate authority.
  • Emergency Ready-to-Go Pack

Actions might include:

  • Shelter in Place – Stay or go inside a designated place where you are.
  • Lockdown – Safely secure the premises and children in protected rooms and/or spaces.
  • Evacuation – Leave your location, and follow a pre-planned communication, transportation, and relocation plan as possible.

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