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Your boss just came to you and reminded you that you are missing several of your required hours of continued training and the year end is quickly approaching. You roll your eyes and think to yourself, “Why do I have to do these hours? I never get anything out of these training sessions and I don’t have time to go to training.” 

When you choose meaningful trainings that are relevant to your work, interests, or challenges, you are more likely to be engaged in the content and gain valuable information. So why are you required to complete continued training? When teachers continuously learn new information, strategies, and practices, they are able to become more effective teachers. Without knowledge of best practices and evolving data, we become stuck in the past and unable to help our students now. 

Providers in the state of Texas are required to take annual continuing education training in all of the Core Competency areas. H & H Childcare Training Center (ChildCareEd) offers hundreds of training courses with more being added each week. Trainings are offered in all Core Competency areas so there will be something to interest everyone. Browse the list of trainings and choose one that will help you grow as a teacher and support your students in the best way possible.

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