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image in article NeglectNeglect can be defined in two ways:

  1. If verb - is the act of failing to properly care of someone
  2. If noun - is the fact of being uncared for

When considered within the context of caregiving, neglect is a form of abuse where the expected caregiver, responsible for caring for child who is unable to care for themselves, is failing to do so.

Child neglect can have wide effect on the child both physically and mentally.

Not giving a child appropriate nutrition at various developmental phases can lead to stunted growth. This can result in inadequate muscle, bone or brain development. Consequently, resulting in defficient motor functions or comprehension, leading to difficulty in understanding directions, poor understanding of social relationships, or the inability to complete academic tasks without assistance. Every one of those is a challenge in the child's future on its own.

It is very important for all educators to realize that they are part of group called Mandated Reporters, defined in laws of almost every state and DC. In addition to recognizing signs of abuse and neglect, mandated repoters are required to report to a specific local state office or unit for further investigation.

We provide several trainings, which cover related topics to both abuse and neglect:

Those trainings will cover basic outcomes similar to the following, which we believe provide basic understanding of the responsibility and the process associated with our job as educators:

Finally, we hope that you (and your staff) will benefit from those trainings and always welcome your feedback.

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