Describe approaches to coaching. #5310

Describe approaches to coaching.

Discover effective approaches to coaching in early childhood education and child care centers. Explore ways coaches and mentors can observe and assess coachees and mentees, leading to enhanced professional growth and development.

Trainings incorporating this outcome

45 hours courses
IACET accredited logo 4.5 CEUs

2 hours courses

Related Outcomes

  1. Describe nonverbal communication as it relates to coaching and mentoring.
  2. Distinguish between the child-oriented approach and the parent-directed approach
  3. Describe techniques used in successful coaching and mentoring.
  4. Describe what is a professional growth plan for coaching and mentoring.
  5. Describe the importance and value of coaching and mentoring.
  6. Describe the steps to use when collaborative coaching with teachers are not a match.
  7. Describe ways that coaches and mentors can observe and assess coachees and mentees.
  8. Describe common myths and misconceptions about time management in child care.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of approaches to learning
  10. Describe the rights of children and families and their relation to home visiting.
  11. Produce activities to focus on play, exploration, and constructive approaches to learning math
  12. Define active play in the early childhood classroom and describe its benefits for young children.
  13. Identify and explain the major components of the major and current approaches to development and learning
  14. The participant will be able to understand the major and current approaches to theories of child development and learning
  15. Describe the stages of grief and the different ways children react to grief and stress.
  16. Describe the importance of monitoring the family child care environment for potential risks.
  17. Describe strategies to incorporate mathematics into teaching practices.
  18. Describe what and how to respond to the following emergency situations: loss of water, serious injury, loss/death of child, etc.
  19. Describe the impact of culture on infant and toddler development
  20. Explain various methods of providing performance feedback in coaching and mentoring.

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