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A Thoughtful Approach to Children’s Mental Health

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Children’s emotional well-being is equally important to physical health. Good mental health from a young age act as the foundation for healthy social skills and coping strategies in times of trouble.  According to the CDC, being mentally healthy during childhood means reaching developmental and emotional milestones and learning healthy social skills and how to cope when there are problems. Mentally healthy children have a positive quality of life and can function well at home, in school, and in their communities.  Mental disorders among children are described as serious changes in the way children typically learn, behave, or handle their emotions, which cause distress and problems getting through the day. Many children occasionally experience fears and worries or display disruptive behaviors. If symptoms are serious and persistent and interfere with school, home, or play activities, the child may be diagnosed with a mental disorder.

We here at H&H Child Care training (ChildCareEd) also believe in the importance of children’s mental health and have created a course on A Thoughtful Approach to Children’s Mental Health to better equip teachers in meeting each child’s individual needs.

H & H Child Care Training (ChildCareEd) Courses grant .2 CEUs or more as well as awarding state approved clock hours of 2 or more for all childcare centers, and family childcare providers in many states.  Check with your licensing agency to check for any additional requirements and to see if we are approved in your home state.    Visit our website and schedule your next class today!

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