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MSDE On Going Training Requirements

image in article MSDE On Going Training Requirements In the ever-evolving landscape of childcare, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Office of Child Care strives to maintain excellence in #early-childhood-education. One crucial aspect contributing to this excellence is the establishment of on-going training requirements for staff members. This article delves into the significance of continuous professional #development and highlights the instrumental role of ChildCareEd in helping childcare professionals meet these training requirements seamlessly.

The Importance of On-Going Training:

Childcare is a dynamic field where staying informed about the latest practices and regulations is not just encouraged but essential. On-going training ensures that childcare professionals remain abreast of advancements in #early-childhood education, evolving methodologies, and critical aspects of child development. This commitment to continuous learning fosters a #culture of excellence, creating a positive impact on the quality of care provided to young learners.

MSDE Office of Child Care On-Going Training Requirements:

The MSDE Office of Child Care places a high priority on the professional development of childcare staff members, establishing clear on-going training requirements to enhance their knowledge and skills. Here are key elements of these training requirements:

Annual Training Hours:

  • Staff members are expected to complete a specified number of training hours each year. These hours cover diverse topics, including child development, #health-and safety protocols, communication strategies, and cultural competency. The annual training hours are carefully curated to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience. All providers are required to complete a minimum of 12 clock hours of continued training annually.

Mandatory Topics:

  • The MSDE Office of Child Care identifies certain mandatory training topics that staff members must cover during on-going training sessions. These topics address critical aspects of childcare, ensuring that professionals are equipped to handle various situations and create a secure and nurturing environment for children. The Maryland Department of Education requires that all childcare providers complete a minimum of 6 out of their 12 required clock hours of continued training in any of the following core of knowledge areas:
    • Child Development
    • Curriculum
    • Health, Safety and Nutrition
    • Special Needs
    • Professionalism
    • Community

Child Development and Behavior Management:

  • Acknowledging the dynamic nature of child development, the MSDE Office of Child Care places emphasis on training in this area. Staff members receive guidance on understanding and supporting the diverse needs of children, as well as effective behavior management strategies.

Health and Safety Protocols:

  • Ensuring the well-being of children is paramount. On-going training includes updates on #health-and-safety protocols, #emergency- #preparedness, and any changes in regulations related to childcare facilities.

Cultural Competency:

  • Given the diverse communities that childcare facilities serve, cultural competency is a vital aspect of staff training. The MSDE Office of Child Care promotes inclusivity and sensitivity to cultural differences through specialized training sessions.

ChildCareEd: Fulfilling On-Going Training Requirements with Ease

ChildCareEd, a reputable platform for childcare training, plays a crucial role in assisting childcare professionals in meeting the MSDE Office of Child Care's on-going training requirements. Here's how you can leverage ChildCareEd for a seamless experience:

Diverse Course Offerings:

  • ChildCareEd offers a wide range of courses that align with MSDE's on-going training requirements. From child development and health and safety to cultural competency, professionals can find courses that cater to their specific training needs.

Convenient Online Learning:

  • ChildCareEd's online platform provides the flexibility needed for busy childcare professionals. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, participants can complete courses at their own pace, making it convenient to meet annual training hour requirements.

User-Friendly Voucher Submission:

  • For those eligible for training vouchers through MSDE, ChildCareEd simplifies the process. Participants can sign and date their voucher in blue ink, then submit it to, initiating the course enrollment process.

Efficient Course Enrollment:

  • Once the voucher is received, ChildCareEd promptly adds the specified course to the participant's account. This streamlined process ensures quick enrollment, allowing professionals to begin their training without unnecessary delays.


The MSDE Office of Child Care's commitment to on-going training reflects a dedication to providing the highest quality of care for Maryland's children. Childcare professionals, in turn, can meet these training requirements seamlessly with the support of ChildCareEd. By embracing continuous learning, childcare staff not only enhance their individual skills but also contribute to raising the standard of childcare across the state, ultimately benefiting the young learners in their care.

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