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NY Savings on Continuing Training Requirements

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Childcare providers in New York must complete 12 hours of annual continuing training. H&H Child Care Training Center has made it simple for New York providers to complete this requirement by bundling four two-hour courses and offering them all at a discounted price. This bundle addresses important content areas including:

  • Principles of childhood development.
  • Nutrition and health needs of children.

These four training courses will provide a total of 12 hours of training or 1.2 CEUs. Regularly $96, use this coupon today, and receive $20 off!

Trainings included in this bundle:

Enhancing Life and Development

The early years of life are extremely important for a child’s later health and development. Supporting healthy brain development starts with providing nurturing and responsive care. Experiences, both positive and negative, shape children's development and oftentimes have lifelong effects.

Theory of Learning

There are more theories of child development than just Piaget, Erikson, and Vygotsky: there are also Froebel, Bowlby, and Bandura. Childcare professionals must be aware of theories behind play and separation attachment in order to prepare children for kindergarten.

Healthy Habits from the Start

Teachers will explore ways to address good nutrition in the classroom as well as ways to educate families about the importance of their child's nutrition.

Injury Prevention: Their Safety Is In Your Hands

Describe the difference between unintentional injuries and nonfatal injuries children can experience and know how to prevent them while the children are under your care.

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