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MSDE Training Voucher Program and ChildCareEd

image in article MSDE Training Voucher Program and ChildCareEdChildcare professionals in Maryland who are committed to enhancing their skills and qualifications now have a valuable resource at their disposal - the MSDE Training Voucher Program. Designed to ease the financial burden of professional #development, this program supports childcare professionals participating in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program at Level Two or higher.

Who Can Benefit from Training Vouchers?

Childcare professionals seeking to elevate their expertise and expand their knowledge can take advantage of the MSDE Training Voucher Program. These vouchers are available for various purposes:

  • Pre-Service Training: For those who are just beginning their journey in the childcare field, pre-service training is crucial. Training vouchers can cover the costs associated with these essential courses.
  • Registration at Statewide and National Child Care Conferences: Staying updated with the latest trends, best practices, and networking opportunities is vital for childcare professionals. Vouchers can be used to attend statewide and national child care conferences.
  • Approved College Coursework: Education is a lifelong journey, and childcare professionals pursuing approved college coursework can use training vouchers to help with the associated expenses.

Eligibility and Funding

Childcare providers participating in the Credential Program at Level Two or higher are eligible to receive financial assistance through the MSDE Training Voucher Program. Each eligible individual can receive up to $400 per year, provided that funds are available. It's important to note that requests for training vouchers should not exceed the $400 limit.

However, not all training activities are eligible for these vouchers. The following are not covered by the program:

  • Training that has not been approved by MSDE according to COMAR 13A.14.09.
  • Fees incurred for training.
  • Association membership fees.
  • CDA credential or CDA renewal fees.

Application Process

To apply for the MSDE Training Voucher, childcare professionals can complete the application on Maryland OneStop. A successful application will result in the issuance of a voucher, which includes essential details such as the conference or pre-service course name, the sponsoring organization or approved trainer, and the voucher's monetary value.

Once in possession of the voucher, participants should present it to the relevant organization or trainer as payment for their selected training opportunity. Successful completion of the training, for which the voucher was issued, requires the participant to provide a copy of the certificate as proof.

ChildCareEd: Maximizing the Value of MSDE Vouchers

Childcare professionals seeking to use their MSDE vouchers for professional development courses need a reliable partner to help them navigate the process. ChildCareEd steps in as this partner, making the process seamless and efficient:

  • Voucher Submission: To initiate the process, participants should sign and date their voucher in blue ink and send it to
  • Course Enrollment: Once ChildCareEd receives the voucher, the specified course is promptly added to the participant's account on the ChildCareEd platform.
  • Certificate Delivery: After successfully completing the course, participants can expect to receive their certificate of completion within 24 hours via email.
  • State Submission: With the certificate of completion in hand, participants can then submit it to the state, ensuring that their professional development efforts are duly recognized.
  • Training Completion Timeframe: Participants have a generous window of six months to complete their selected training through ChildCareEd.

In conclusion, the #MSDE Training Voucher Program serves as a valuable resource for childcare professionals in Maryland, offering financial assistance for a range of professional development activities. ChildCareEd complements this program by facilitating the efficient use of vouchers and delivering high-quality training. With these tools at their disposal, childcare professionals can enhance their skills and continue to provide the best possible care for Maryland's children.


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