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Georgia training requirements

image in article Georgia training requirementsH&H Child Care Training Center has several new courses available to Georgia providers. These courses are designed to fulfill necessary training requirements.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food storage and preparation is an important component of food and nutrition planning for young children. Childcare programs must ensure all food served to children is nutritious and prepared, served, and stored in alignment with national standards. These standards ensure the health and safety of children and minimize the potential for food bourne illness and contamination. This course covers food nutrition planning, preparation, serving, proper dish washing, food storage, and food allergies.

*This course meets the Georgia requirement: Director and the person primarily responsible for food preparation are required to obtain a minimum of four (4) clock hours of training in food nutrition planning, preparation, serving, proper dish washing, and food storage.*

Transportation Safety

Child care providers face daily challenges: choosing the type of transportation to get children where they need to go is one of the many responsibilities in a provider’s day. It is important that childcare professionals are aware of how to keep children safe in different types of vehicles.

*This course meets the Georgia requirement: Directors and all persons involved in transporting children must complete 2 hours training prior to transporting children.*

H&H Child Care Training Center is proud to offer the FCCLH Pre-Service Course to Georgia Family Child Care Providers. This pre-licensure training course provides the basics of the day-to-day operations of running a licensed Family Child Care Home in the state of Georgia. Design your space to support children of all ages in all areas of development, develop effective communication skills to build lasting partnerships with families and the community, and develop a business plan that leads to a successful organization.

*This course meets the Georgia requirements for the 10 Hour FCCLH Pre-Service Course.*

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