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Increase enrollment in your Home Daycare or Childcare Center: Michigan's CDC Program

image in article Increase enrollment in your Home Daycare or Childcare Center: Michigan's CDC ProgramAs a child care provider in Michigan, understanding the intricacies of the Child Development and Care (CDC) Program can significantly strengthen your community and expand your reach to families struggling with childcare costs. This valuable program, administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), offers financial assistance to eligible families, ensuring access to #safe, nurturing environments for their children while they pursue education, employment, or other approved activities. By mastering the nuances of the CDC program and honing your communication skills, you can transform yourself into a trusted resource for families, opening doors to a brighter future for both your business and the children you care for.

Who Might Be Eligible for CDC Assistance?

The first step towards effective communication is accurately explaining who qualifies for CDC support. Families may be eligible if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Low income: Families experiencing financial hardship and struggling to cover both household expenses and childcare costs.
  • Engaged in approved activities: Families where at least one parent or guardian is working, attending high school completion/GED classes, participating in adult basic education (including ESL), or actively participating in an approved training program.
  • Foster #parents: Licensed foster parents seeking childcare assistance for children in their care.
  • MDHHS case participants: Members of an MDHHS protective services case actively involved in a treatment plan.
  • Family Independence Program (FIP) participants: Families enrolled in the FIP program with a required work activity.

Understanding the Application Process:

Empowering families with knowledge about the application process can ease anxieties and encourage them to explore CDC support. Here's how you can guide them:

  • Direct families to resources: Share the online application link ([]) and encourage them to explore the MDHHS website for detailed information about the program.
  • Highlight required documents: Emphasize the documents needed for application, including proof of income (last three months), proof of identity, household member birth certificates, verification of child support (if applicable), proof of activity like employment or enrollment documents, and documentation of any MDHHS case involvement or FIP participation.
  • Encourage seeking help: Remind families that MDHHS #staff is available at 1-855-444-3114 to answer questions and assist with the application process.

Clarifying Key Concepts for Families:

While eligibility provides a foundation, families might still have questions. Here's how you can address common concerns:

  • Benefit calculation: Explain that benefits are determined based on household income, expenses, and assets. While the program aims to cover a significant portion of childcare costs, families may be responsible for a copayment based on their financial situation.
  • Types of child care: Assure families that CDC assistance extends to center-based care, family child care #homes, and in-home care, allowing them to choose the setting that best suits their needs and preferences.
  • Provider participation: Clarify that you, as a licensed child care provider, can choose to participate in the CDC program by registering with MDHHS, expanding your potential client base and contributing to a wider network of quality care for families.

Enhancing Communication Skills with ChildCareEd Training:

Investing in ChildCareEd training courses specifically designed to enhance your communication skills and confidence. These courses equip you with effective communication strategies and provide resources to address families' concerns accurately and comprehensively. ChildCareEd offers hundreds of online training for childcare.

By becoming a trusted navigator of the CDC program, you can significantly impact your community. You'll not only attract new families struggling with childcare costs but also foster trust and support within your existing network. Remember, empowering families with accurate CDC information benefits your business, expands access to quality childcare, and contributes to a stronger, more supportive childcare landscape in Michigan.

Additional Resources:

By actively advocating for the CDC program and equipping families with the tools to navigate its intricacies, you can play a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for children and families in Michigan. Remember, knowledge is power, and in the realm of childcare, sharing that power can unlock a world of possibilities.


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