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Does Your Program Qualify for Child Care Food Program

The Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) provides cash reimbursement to eligible child care centers and family child care homes to supplement the cost of nutritious meals.

The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is administered by Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) School and Community Nutrition Programs Branch and various Maryland sponsoring organizations.

Child Care Centers receive an average of $23,407 per year in cash reimbursements!

A Family Child Care Home Provider caring for 6 children could receive up to $6,630 per year.

By participating in CACFP you will be able to buy more nutritious food and teach children healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Interested in Learning More?

Child Care Centers may contact MSDE’s School and Community Nutrition Programs Branch at 410-767-0214. Family Child Care Homes may contact a Maryland Sponsoring Organization listed below:

Baltimore City: The Family League of Baltimore: 410-662-5500 The Planning Council: 410-296-2512 or 800-410-9774 Carroll County: Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.: 410-857-2999 Cecil County: Cecil County Board of Commissioners: 410-996-0173 Frederick County: Frederick County Department of Social Services: 301-600-2416 Montgomery County: Montgomery County Public Schools: 301-548-7505 Prince George’s County Prince George’s County Public Schools: 301-780-5810 For all other counties: The Planning Council: 800-410-9774 or 410-296-2512

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