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Administration Courses Online

For Maryland Teachers - 45 hours Administration Course Online

Thinking of becoming an Administrator at your childcare facility? You may not realize this, but many states require additional training for childcare center administrators. In the state of Maryland, potential administrators must complete 45 hours of administrative training to become a director of a child care center. The benefits of this training are vast as it prepares Directors to handle the various roles and responsibilities that come with being an administrator. You will find that Directors wear many hats in the child care center and without background knowledge and training in all of these areas, a Director may find themselves in a situation they are not prepared to handle. 

The 45-hour Director-Administration course covers all aspects of managing a childcare program including:

  • Maryland state requirements and compliance standards 
  • Licensing
  • Insurance
  • Staffing
  • financial recordkeeping
  • staff training requirements
  • managing staff
  • community involvement
  • Marketing
  • curriculum planning

Upon completion of this training program, not only will you be qualified to become a Director of a child care center, you will be confident and prepared to manage to staff, market your center, or ensure compliance with licensing requirements. The ability to take this course online provides the flexibility all childcare providers need when completing professional development. Your time is valuable,  online self-paced courses allow you to complete your training on your own schedule making it easier for you to complete. H & H Child Care Training Center offers the 45-hour Director-Administration course online along with a wide variety of other training. Keep in mind that just like staff, Directors need to complete professional development training each year in order to remain qualified. Once you have completed your 45 hour Director-Administration course through H & H Child Care Training Center, come back and choose from one of our other online course offerings to fulfill all of your professional development requirements.

For other states and CDA:

ChildCareED offers 30 hours ( 0.3 CEU) online Child Care Administration course. 

In addition, this training covers Subject Area 5: Managing an Effective Program of the CDA requirements. This area of the CDA program is a crucial aspect of organizational success and entails a multifaceted approach to ensure efficiency, productivity, and goal attainment. This subject area focuses on the principles, techniques, and strategies necessary for overseeing programs and projects effectively. It encompasses various key components, such as:

  1. Project planning
  2. Resource allocation
  3. Risk management
  4. Stakeholder engagement
  5. and performance monitoring.

Managing an effective program requires adept leadership skills, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. By employing sound program management practices, organizations can streamline processes, maximize resources, mitigate risks, and ultimately achieve desired outcomes.


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