Heat Safety Posters. All Agers. Health.


Heat Safety Posters. All Agers. Health.

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Source: https://earlychildhood.marylandpublicschools.org/system/files/filedepot/3/heat_and_infants_and_children_sun_safety_cdc.pdf

Description: Heat safety posters are essential for all ages in #child_care as excessive #heat can pose serious health risks to individuals of all demographics. These posters serve as a visual reminder to take necessary precautions and educate people on how to protect themselves from heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke and exhaustion. By promoting awareness and offering practical tips, heat #safety posters play a crucial role in maintaining public #health during hot weather months. This resource, developed by the #CDC and distributed by #MSDE, is to provide teachers and providers with guidelines to address and prevent head #lice infestations in the #child_care setting.

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