Preventing Accidental Drowning & Responsibilities in Child Care


Preventing Accidental Drowning & Responsibilities in Child Care

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Description: Preventing accidental drowning in #child-care settings is a crucial responsibility that requires constant #supervision and safety measures. This can include ensuring that all pools and bodies of water are securely fenced off, using appropriate floatation devices, and teaching children basic water safety skills such as swimming and floating. In addition to implementing #safety measures, child care providers have a responsibility to educate parents and guardians about the risks of #accidental-drowning and the importance of supervision. They should also conduct regular safety drills and ensure that all staff members are trained in CPR and first aid to respond in case of an emergency. This resource, developed by #MSDE, is a document for #teachers, #directors and #providers to use in order to create a safe environment where children are constantly supervised, especially around water.

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