24-Hour Family Child Care Pre-Service Training - zoom/in-person

24-Hour Family Child Care Pre-Service Training - $300

This certification course satisfies the 24-Hour Family Child Care Pre-Service training required by MSDE. Family child care providers will gain a broad overview of major concepts, theories and research related to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the child from birth through age 12. This course covers 4 hours in each of the following domains: Child Development, Curriculum, Special Needs, Professionalism, Community, and Health, Safety and Nutrition as required to meet MSDE Family Child Care training module outcomes. You must successfully complete all course requirements to receive a certificate. Aligns with MD Staff Credential levels 2-4. Students will earn 24 clock hours of approved training for initial registration for home daycare.


No prerequisites are required for the completion of this course.

Information about this training

Hours breakdown

4 HSN/4 PRO/4 SPN/4 CUR/4 CD

Topics / Categories

Health, safety and nutrition
Special needs
Child development
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