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45-Hour Director-Administration - $399

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This class explores administration and management of child care programs according to state and government regulations. Topics include Maryland state requirements and compliance standards, licensing, insurance, staffing, financial recordkeeping, staff training requirements, managing staff, community involvement, marketing and curriculum planning. This certification course satisfies the MSDE requirement for 45 hours of administrative training for child care center directors. You must successfully complete the training in its entirety to receive your certificate.


Format: 45 hours (30 hours of Zoom/15 hours of online)

B. Objectives / Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this training, the learner will be able to:
  1. Explain the importance of using contracts and employee training & screening procedures.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the OCC feeding regulations and monitoring requirements.
  3. Identify the components of a lesson plan using WIPPEA.
  4. Identify assessment tools.
  5. Give examples of ways to apply and model ethical behavior and professional integrity with families.
  6. Describe the importance of learning centers in the early childhood education environment.
  7. Describe the primary learning centers and their components.
  8. Identify effective strategies for interviewing potential new staff.
  9. Identify the importance of professional development for child care professionals and strategies to make meaningful choices.
  10. Define the meaning of professionalism in child care.
  11. Identify the key elements of an effective staff mentor program.
  12. Identify materials and equipment for childcare programs that meet the needs of specific age groups in both shared or permanent space and align with the programs curriculum
  13. Demonstrate an understanding of the necessary content of employee and parent contracts
  14. Identify strategies to make connections and interact substantively with those who are different from oneself
  15. Demonstrate communication skills that enable intercultural communication, including effective listening skills
  16. Define culture and cultural competency
  17. Demonstrate understanding of the components of a curriculum.
  18. Demonstrate understanding of the content and implications of OCC environment regulations and supervision requirements
  19. Identify State recommended curriculum.
  20. Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the content requirements for staff orientation.
  21. Understand the relation between how material and equipment selection assist with lesson plan development and implementation.
  22. Demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an administrator in a child care program.
  23. Identify the regulations that monitor the staff role in the development and effectiveness of an environment.
  24. Identify the challenges and solutions for shared space environments.
  25. Identify and understand the requirements of various programs in the State of Maryland.
  26. Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of accreditation and credentialing in Maryland.
  27. Identify community organizations for enrichment activities.
  28. Demonstrate an understanding of staff scheduling and student enrollment aligned with Child Care Regulations.
  29. Identify materials and equipment for center childcare programs that meet the needs of specific age groups in both shared or permanent space and align with the programs curriculum
  30. Recognize current tuition trends

No prerequisites are required for the completion of this course.

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