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Training for Free?

Training for Free??

You got it! Did you know that MSDE provides all child care providers who have obtained a Level 2 or higher in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program up to $400 each year! Yes you read that right! $400 a year! Free! So why not take advantage of it! 

So how does this work, and what’s the catch? It is really simple and there is no catch. If you are a child care provider with a Level 2 or higher Credential you can go online and submit either a Training Reimbursement or Training Voucher to pay for your required training.

A Training Voucher can be submitted prior to completing a pre-service training or attending a National Conference. Vouchers can be used to pay for Pre-Service training such as Child Growth and Development, 45 Hour Administration, 25 Hour Family Child Care Provider, and more. Applications must be submitted online at

Training Reimbursements can be submitted within 180 day of training completion. Reimbursements can be submitted for Pre-Service training, National Conferences, as well as Core of Knowledge Trainings. Applications must be submitted online at

You are required to take continuing education training every year, why not take the training you want and you need for free! With up to $400 available each year, you can finally take that 45 Hour Director-Administration or the training on Emergent Curriculum you have been so interested in. Head over to MSDE and fill out a training voucher application or sign up for the course you have always wanted to take and once completed, fill out an application for reimbursement. Now you have no excuse to advance your career!

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