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Explore the ways how children can be the driving force of their own curriculum. Quality curriculum addresses children’s needs and crucial milestones while nurturing their interest in the world around them. This child care training will examine the cycle of inquiry in emergent curriculum for preschoolers and guide early childhood professionals in incorporating the process into their lesson planning. Through this approach, teachers gain greater understanding of each child’s individual needs, allowing for thoughtful and individualized programming. Emergent curriculum is a developmentally appropriate approach to planning for children's learning in early childhood settings. Through this approach, participants will benefit by gaining an understanding of each child's individual needs, allowing for thoughtful and individualized programming. In this 2-hour child care training, teachers will be able to...
• Define emergent curriculum;
• List the five parts of the Cycle of Inquiry and how it can be used to plan emergent curriculum;
• Describe experiences and classroom environments using the Cycle of Inquiry; and
• Explain the historical context of emergent curriculum from its origins in the Reggio Emilia approach.

This course has been approved by MSDE Early Childhood Division approval number CKO-380. Subject Area 2 Cur

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