New Courses for Directors, Administrators, and Family Child Care Providers - post

New Courses for Directors, Administrators, and Family Child Care Providers

New Child Care Courses for Directors, Administrators, and Home Daycare Providers


Professional development is essential to career advancement and "keeping up with the times" in child care. H&H Child Care Training offers professional development courses to not only early childhood education teachers and professionals, but also to directors, administrators and home daycare/family child care providers!

We offer the following courses:

  1. The (Not-So-Secret) Code of Ethics for Directors
  2. No Time for R&R: Rules and Responsibilities for Directors and Administrators
  3. Recipe for Successful Childcare
  4. DAP-Per Curriculum: Creating Lesson Plans in Childcare
  5. Assembling the Tools for Assessment
  6. The Champion of Children's Needs
  7. DAPper Materials: Creating the Criteria
  8. Classroom Transitioning for Children
  9. Mapping Out Spaces for Childcare
  10. Communication 101 for Directors and Administrators
  11. Don’t Hurt Me: Reporting Abuse Guidelines 
  12. Funding to Keep the Child Care Running
  13. Supervision and Evaluation: Professional Growth
  14. Worldview Planning: Field Trip Planning

All of the online courses offered here at H&H Child Care Training are completely self-paced and can be completed on your own schedule, where you'd like--as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Hurry up and log onto H&H Child Care Training to start your classes today!  

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