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Medication Administration Training for Child Care Providers

Do you need  Medication Adminstration training?

Don't get a non-compliance from your licensing specialist, this is the time to prepare yourself and staff for the upcoming school year on required training's. Take a moment to review the following licensing regulations and make sure you are up to date on qualified staff with Medication Administration Training, First Aid and CPR, and Emergency Preparedness! If not don't worry we have training available to meet your needs! FOR EXACT AND COMPLETE DETAILS PLEASE REFER TO YOUR LICENSING REGULATIONS MANUAL OR visithttp://marylandpublicschools.org/MSDE/divisions/child_care/index.htm

COMAR REG COMAR 13A.16.11 Health F. Effective July 1, 2011: 
(1) Whenever children in care are present, there shall be at least one center employee present who has completed medication administration training approved by the office. 

(2) Medication may be administered to a child in care only by an employee who has completed approved medication training. 
 Recording Requirements. 
(1) Each administration of a prescription or non-prescription medication to a child, including self-administration of a medication by the child, shall be noted in the child's record. 
(2) Application of a diaper rash product, sunscreen, or insect repellent supplied by a child's parent shall be recorded in the child's record. Please find for your use a 
COMAR REG COMAR 13A.16.11 Health 02 First Aid and CPR. 
A. At all times, including during an off-site activity, at least one child care teacher or the director shall be present who holds a current certificate indicating successful completion of approved Basic first AID and CPR. 

B. A center with an approved capacity of more than 20 children shall have in attendance, in a ratio of at least one staff member for every 20 children present, staff members who are currently certified in approved first aid and CPR. 

C. Whenever a child in care is being transported under center auspices to or from the center, there shall be at least one adult present in the vehicle who is currently certified in approved CPR and first aid. 
COMAR REG COMAR 13A.16.11 Health .01 Emergency Safety Requirements. 
A. Emergency and Disaster Plan. 
(1) At least one center employee shall: 
(a) Complete emergency preparedness training that is approved by the office; and 
(b) As part of the approved emergency preparedness training, prepare a written emergency and disaster plan for the center. 
(2) The operator shall maintain the emergency and disaster plan prepared in accordance with § A(1)(b) of this regulation. 
(5)Each employee shall be oriented to the contents of the written emergency and disaster plan required at 
§A(2) of this regulation.

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