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What is the Nevada Registry?

The Nevada Registry serves as both a workforce data system and recognition and professional development system for Early Care and Education (ECE) educators in Nevada. It manages the state's Early Care and Education Professional Career Ladder, documenting and storing the educational and professional achievements of ECE educators and showcasing their accomplishments through Career Ladder placement. The Registry offers a centralized platform with various resources, including an online Professional Development Plan and a comprehensive website that features an approved training calendar, industry news, a job board, and community resources. Additionally, it oversees the approval process for all non-college-credit informal training in Nevada.

The Nevada Registry was adopted into State Child Care Licensing regulations and participation is mandatory for anyone working in a licensed child care setting of any type (center, Family/Group Home Care, etc.) and counted in the staff/child ratios.

When you join The Nevada Registry, a confidential Career Development File is created on your behalf.

What is the Professional Career Ladder?

Nevada's Early Care and Education (ECE) Professional Career Ladder is a statewide system that recognizes and rewards the professional development of ECE professionals. The ladder has seven levels, each of which is associated with a set of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

To advance through the ladder, ECE professionals must complete a series of training and education requirements. These requirements include coursework, workshops, and on-the-job training. ECE professionals can also earn credits for their professional experience.

The Nevada ECE Professional Career Ladder is designed to:

  • Recognize the professional development of ECE professionals.
  • Provide ECE professionals with opportunities to advance their careers.
  • Improve the quality of ECE in Nevada.

Your Career Ladder level is determined by looking at your entire educational career in the field of Early Care and Education. You are placed at the highest level for which you have documented verification that you meet all of the criteria.

ChildCareEd and the Nevada Registry

ChildCareEd is an approved sponsor organization through the Nevada Registry. ChildCareEd currently has aover 70 online courses approved in the Nevada Registry.

Approved courses include trainings used to meet Initial Health and Safety Training requirements. The Nevada Child Care Initial Health and Safety Training is a comprehensive training program that covers all of the essential health and safety topics for child care providers. ChildCareEd courses can also be used to meet the Child Nutrition/Wellness and Child Development/Guidance & Discipline annual training requirements.

Our MOST popular trainings in your State are: 

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