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Step Up on the Oregon Registry!

image in article Step Up on the Oregon Registry!Here at H&H Child Care Training Center we are a staff of former child care center directors, owners, educators, and caregivers. We understand the importance of supporting child care professionals and the limited resources they often have available. 

We know that Oregon providers are often looking to advance their careers. H&H Child Care Training Center offers both “in-person” (Zoom) training and online trainings. Oregon providers can use H&H training courses to advance on the Oregon Registry Steps. Completing 12 hours of training through H&H could help providers earn a Level 1 on the Oregon Registry. Or move up to Level 2 by completing 20 hours of training with H&H. For those providers looking to go further, H&H offers the Child Development Associate Credential which can be used to obtain a Level 7 on the Oregon Registry. 

Providers can also use H&H trainings to fulfill their yearly 15 clock hours of training.

H&H offers training courses in all of the following Oregon core knowledge categories.

  • Diversity (D)
  • Family and Community Systems (FCS)
  • Human Growth and Development (HGD)
  • Health Safety and Nutrition (HSN)
  • Learning Environments and Curriculum (LEC)
  • Observation and Assessment (OA)
  • Special Needs (SN)
  • Understanding and Guiding Behavior (UGB)

We are always looking for ways to support child care providers. Please let us know how we can support you!

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