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Keep Calm and Take Training

Cooking, shopping, parties, events, bills, work, and the list goes on and on. The holidays are a time of joy but can also be a time of increased stress. Child care providers in particular feel the results of this stress as they are managing all of this on top of staff shortages and low wages. 

Attention Georgia child care providers! Learn how to manage stress so you are continuing to be effective in the classroom. H&H Child Care Center’s, “I’m So Stressed” and “Stressbusters: Stress Management for Childcare Providers” are all excellent training courses to help child care providers recognize, prioritize and manage their stress. Taking time to focus on yourself makes you a better teacher, coworker, parent, sibling, friend, etc. It is extremely important to take care of yourself so you are able to care for others. Child care providers in Georgia can use H&H Child Care Training courses to fulfill their annual professional development requirements. All courses are approved by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

H&H's mission is to support teachers and providers with current and ongoing trends in professionalism, child development, health, safety, nutrition, curriculum, special needs, and community. H&H training's are based on developmentally appropriate best practices and needs of the community. In support of our mission H&H provides high quality training to assist programs in providing successful, thriving programs for families, children, providers and professionals.

H&H Child Care Training is always thinking of fun, innovative ways to help providers teach content in their classrooms. We are always adding new training courses to our website so check back often.

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