July is National Picnic Month - post

July is National Picnic Month

image in article July is National Picnic MonthSummer is the perfect time to plan outdoor activities and events. Consider celebrating National Picnic Month with the children and families in your program. Here are a few fun ideas to incorporate learning into your picnic!

Use a classroom picnic to discuss healthy foods and good nutrition. Supply fresh fruits for the children to try and discuss some of their favorite healthy foods.

Invite families to share in an evening picnic with the whole program. Bringing families together is a great way to build community within your program. Families have the opportunity to meet other families and watch their children interact with their friends.

Identify animals and insects in nature. While sitting outside, point out different insects and other creatures and ask the children if they can identify them. Then ask children to find other creatures. Talk about how each creature finds its own food and where they live.

Encourage socialization. Support children's social interactions and peer relationships by sitting together as a group and asking open-ended questions. Allow each child to have a turn in the discussion. Encourage children to ask a peer for help if they are unable to open something from their lunch.

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