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National Eat Your Vegetables Day June 17

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Celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day with Tips for Encouraging Healthy Eating in Young Children

Getting children to eat their vegetables can be a challenge that many #early-childhood-educators and parents face. We've all been through those moments when kids who once gobbled up everything suddenly turn their noses up at healthy foods. However, as caregivers and educators, there are effective strategies you can employ to promote healthy eating habits in young children. Here are some valuable tips to celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day with a plate full of colorful vegetables:

  • Encourage, Don't Force: It's essential to encourage children to taste new foods or put them on their plates without resorting to force. Remember, it may take as many as 15 attempts before a child decides to taste the food or determine if they like it.
  • Serve a Variety: To promote healthy eating, consider these practices:
    • Serve all foods and beverages at once during a meal.
    • Offer a variety of nutritious foods, prepared in appealing ways.
    • Include at least one food that each child likes as part of the meal.
    • Offer each food to each child at least two times during the meal. Encourage children to make their choices, as this often leads to increased consumption.
  • Portion Control: Teach children to take small servings. This helps in preventing food waste and allows them to explore different foods without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Experiment with Food Preparation: Don't limit yourself to one way of preparing vegetables. They can be enjoyed cooked, raw, with or without cheese, in casseroles, salads, and more. Fruits can be served in various forms too. Experimentation can make healthy foods more appealing.
  • Timing is Key: Introduce new foods when children are most hungry, or incorporate them into engaging activities. This increases the likelihood of them being more receptive to trying something new.
  • Continued Learning: As an #early-childhood educator, you can enhance your knowledge of child #health-and-nutrition with specialized courses. Consider enrolling in one of the following courses to stay informed and better equipped to support young children in their nutritional journey:

By following these strategies and continuing to expand your knowledge of child health and nutrition, you can play a pivotal role in helping young children develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

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