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National Static Electricity Day

image in article National Static Electricity DayJanuary 9th was National Static Electricity Day!

Preschoolers have an innate curiosity. They are interested in understanding how and why things occur. Preschoolers can explore, learn how things work, and ask questions through science activities! Preschool science activities should be enjoyable to keep students interested. They should focus on the child's natural curiosity and need to investigate the world around them. Through these interactive preschool electricity experiments, students will acquire a fundamental understanding of how electricity is used in the world around them.

  • Preschoolers love to play with balloons. All you have to do is provide each child with a balloon and have them rub it on their head. Have them look into a mirror to see how rubbing the balloon on their head makes their hair stand up. You can also have the children try to stick the balloon to the wall after they rub it on their heads to see how long it will stay up.
  • Have the children drag their socked feet across the carpet and touch something that is metal (the doorknob usually works well). If you turn off the lights then they may actually see the shock of static electricity.
  • Have the children gather around the faucet and turn it on slowly. As the water is running comb your hair then rub it on a piece of wool. Next, hold the comb next to the water and watch how the water tries to move toward the comb. 

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