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Individual course offerings for CDA training

image in article Individual course offerings for CDA trainingDid you know that a requirement for obtaining a CDA Credential is the completion of 120 hours of formal early childhood education training, covering the growth and development of children ages birth to 36 months, with no fewer than 10 training hours in each of the eight CDA® subject areas? The CDA Renewal requires providers to complete 45 clock hours of training in Early Childhood Education and/or Child Development

CDA Subject Areas:

  • Planning a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development.
  • Supporting children’s social and emotional development.
  • Building productive relationships with families.
  • Managing an effective program operation.
  • Maintaining a commitment to professionalism.
  • Observing and recording children’s behavior.
  • Understanding the principles of child development and learning.

H&H Child Care Training Center offers the full 120 hours of CDA training as one course as well as the 45 CDA Renewal course. But we also offer individual courses that can be combined to fulfill the training requirement. This option gives providers the flexibility to choose individual coursework that interests them while at the same time, covering required CDA subject areas. 

Consider CDA: A Closer Look at Assessments

Assessments in the childcare field can be an intimidating task for many teachers.  In response, we have created this course to help teachers like yourself understand different observational techniques, identify biases and stereotypes in assessments and how to overcome said biases, as well as translate assessment and observational information into short- and long-term goal development.  

This course is 3 hours of the CDA Subject Area 7: Observing and recording children’s behavior. 

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